Freaky Snap is a clever, fast-paced puzzle game with a dash of humor. It’s like the old bumper games that you used to play in the arcades. The only difference is that you have to manipulate your fingers in real time while the game is running.

freaky snap

How to Play Freaky Snap is played by inserting the object of your choice onto a different colored “path”. In the beginning you will have limited room to move but as you advance you will be able to select more objects and add even more spaces to your path. With the added spaces you can move up the screen further so you are able to access the higher levels and unlock secrets.

The objects you need to get to the next level consist of snapping objects together, objects that seem to fit together, and blocks. Once you start out you can choose any object you want. As you progress through the levels the objects you can use are limited only by your imagination. So you can make up any combination you like.

Screenshots I’m not sure if the graphics look good on my computer or not. I am sure they look better than most of the things I’ve seen in other games. What I am trying to say is that Freaky Snap looks like something that could be made on a home computer or can be ported over from the arcade. The graphics aren’t the only thing that makes this game fun.

It’s a simple finger puzzle game. You’re moving your finger about to snap objects into their correct positions. There’s not much in it except for a few little things to get you started. One of those things is the idea that you will become more skilled as you play more. This encourages you to stay playing and learn how to do all the tricks so you can eventually make the “big one” and beat the game. The game doesn’t really go any deeper than that. So don’t let the simplicity of the graphics turn you off, it’s really fun for that reason. It’s a very fast paced game and a few moves here and there will get you going.

The sound effects are also quite interesting. I was thinking that maybe a famous rock band would be involved in some of the sound effects, but I guess it’s all their music that will sound great. It’s just some annoying “whirring” sounds that sound somewhat like wind.

Many people like to read reviews on video games and if you are too lazy to search you can always Google the name of the game. Hopefully this will help give you a feel for what it’s all about.

The controls are actually quite simple but the sound effects can be a bit tedious. So you will need to do some practice at first. With a quick look at the instructions you should know where you need to click to get your finger to move where you want it to go. If it’s not a picture, it’s going to be a door or a ladder or something.

The last time I played the game, there were so many secrets available that I couldn’t wait to find them all. Luckily for me, there were many levels in there that had many of the secrets to find.

There are only three kinds of people that can finish the game and I’m pretty sure that this is why it was short lived – the first player gets all the money and you only have the time left. It took me a few tries to get to the level that I had unlocked and I haven’t seen it since then.

Freaky Snap isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who isn’t looking for a casual game. I think it would be better for an online flash game because it has so many things that make it unique.

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