The Persistent Mama Nude collection is offered in eight shades with a silky satin finish. It comes in either satin or nude; the lightest shade is one-eighth to one-fourth less expensive than the original Mama range, while adding to her popularity as the world’s leading adult lingerie designer.

Persistent Mama Nude design is based on her history as a French heiress and ancestor. Her approach for the collection focused on the sensual side of women, combined with modernity and versatility.

She used pieces that were already in her native country of France and in the U.S.A. but from which she wanted to take the style to the outside world. She also experimented with the classic corset for a very elegant, yet sexy look.

The Persian fabric is most suitable for all of the collection, as it creates a completely new look for women who find the traditional chiffon too clingy. Persistence throughout the collection was evident in this sense. She used a silky chiffon, wrapped delicately around an organza, giving a good look to the sheer, delicate drape.

Her designs focus on a woman’s own natural charms. “Persian” has been used throughout her creations to give her unique, yet still very much elegant style. She uses the country’s typical prints in the Czech dress from around the middle ages, but using silk in the folds of the fabric.

In addition to these traditional prints, Persistence employs Islamic prints from Iran and Mesopotamia, inspired by flowers and nature in a “chicness” manner. The band is equally rich and sensual, having ribbons, bows, and lace cascading over the material. The drapery material is soft and silky, adding to the feel of its soft and smooth nature.

The Persian velvet is what gives the lingerie’s seamless finish, as well as its glamorous look. The white is very soft and is practically transparent. The camel hair has been hand-rubbed onto the fabric, creating a soft feel.

The velvet and pashmina styles are ultra-feminine, while the mesh and satin mesh adds more charm to the overall look. The tailored satin and silky satin fabrics are so soft, they seem to be made of honeycomb.

Persistence was the first lingerie brand to use 100% cotton in the manufacture of her babydolls and in the Iranian Silk Satin, another exclusive design. She also pioneered the use of the hand-woven-cloth design with Silk Satin. She pioneered the name “Persian”, so the “Persian” Satin – Trussed Bandeau has a silky satin feel, too.

There are also uniquely designed camisoles, with Persian braiding at the back, making them even more elegant. There are bras, camisoles, panties, thongs, g-strings, and undergarments, in both satin and silk styles. Persistence designs are generally limited but have always taken a lot of pride in the diversity in her designs, and her confidence.

Don’t underestimate Persistence, even as an old-fashioned, vintage-loving bride. She is more modern than ever, incorporating newer designs with the latest technology. This ensures that she remains ahead of the trends and keep the consumer’s hunger for newer styles.

Persistence is a great example of style and innovation. Don’tforget that contemporary designs can make you look and feel sexier, and look at Persistence and how much you look and feel sensual.

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