The reddit Premium Snapchat application has been out for a while now. While I was a little surprised at the lack of a dedicated Snapchat app, I do think it’s better to have multiple platforms at your disposal.

reddit premium snapchat

Snapchat is fun, but not nearly as many people use it. That makes it hard to maintain a few apps at once. Not everyone can jump onto a third-party Snapchat application right away.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about how to use Snapchat (what’s it called again?) myself. They sell it and have a page you can find on their website, but I haven’t personally used it.

However, I do know a few marketers who are heavy Snapchat users. So I took a few minutes to see what a couple of them had to say about Reddit Premium SnapChat.

One Reddit user was very excited about the ability to record Snaps from his iPhone. Not only did he mention how good it was for his business, but he gave a great example of using it. I’ll share it with you. Enjoy!

With his free Snappy app, he could see exactly what his customers were typing in the chat section. He realized that the problem with his customers their mistakes. The free Snappy version didn’t give him access to spelling mistakes, so he spent the money to get Reddit Premium.

The thing he loves about reddit is the ability to interact with his customers in a timely manner while at the same time, be able to read every word they type. He still finds that, because he is recording, he isn’t able to interact fully with his customers.

In his free app, he was limited to three chats a day, which was fine because he also found that recording was useful to capture even longer conversations. But when he purchased Reddit Premium, he found that he could easily record up to 100 chats a day.

But that doesn’t mean he only uses Reddit Premium SnapChat. He still uses it to record the conversations, even though it gives him more freedom to interact.

He still is involved in discussions, even though he can now have instant chat with his customers. He said he makes sure to capture all his conversations, so that he can rewind them later.

Both he and his wife use reddit Premium SnapChat, so they actually talk to each other, so that he can listen to what they are saying. While this is a lot of fun, he knows that by being able to see and hear what he is talking about is an essential tool for him to be successful.

Even if you aren’t actively using the subreddit on Reddit, you could possibly benefit from using Reddit Premium SnapChat. Now that it’s even easier to share and record Snaps, it’s an amazing tool for entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

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