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Whether she’s talking about a new trick, a favorite kink or a recent fetish, she captivates with her open mind. She’s got a sexy vibe and her banter is sassy. She’s a cam girl – which is to say, she’s a paid companion to men on the website who pay to chat with her in a private room.

For some, camming is a way to make money on the side – it can be lucrative and relatively easy work for those who have a good grasp on the technical aspects of their job. But for others, it’s a career and a lifestyle they’re proud of. It’s not hard to see why; women have always carried an inherent value that’s been effectively monetised with the help of technology.

But it’s not all smooth sailing, and Mazzei’s journey reveals the many challenges of being a cam girl. The unsociable hours, the unstable income and personal niggles are all real concerns that can be difficult to navigate.

It’s not uncommon for customers to expect a cam girl to be their girlfriend, cyber lover, therapist, confidant and, of course, their sex object. After reading one forum aimed at customers it’s clear that it can be impossible to meet these expectations. And as a result, camgirls often find themselves in a tumultuous relationship with the people they work for. The exploitation of addictive behaviour is a big part of how cam sites make their money (like casinos do with their ‘whales’ who spend in-game microtransations). It can be tough to break free from this cycle.

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