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Whether it’s taking a baking class, traveling, training for a marathon or playing video games, having fun recharges our batteries, helps us laugh and connect with others and infuses our hectic lives with some much-needed joy. And for many people, it also gives their careers a boost.

That’s the case for Kelly, who works as a cam girl to make money. “There’s no shame in it,” she tells LADbible. “People have so many different things they do for a living, and sex work is one of them. It can be seen as quite a seedy industry, but it’s not necessarily the case.”

Dan, who is Kelly’s boyfriend and a member of her audience, says that while he was initially skeptical about her choice to be a cam girl, it has now become a central part of their relationship. They regularly have sex both on and off camera, and Dan is often involved in her shows.

Like all camgirls, she is always down to have some fun. But she’s also serious about her craft. She says that she knows how to read the room and understands what her clients want from her. “I try to talk about a variety of subjects, and I avoid asking sexual questions straight off the bat,” she says. “Men don’t usually come on cam to ask about my sex life, so I don’t waste their time with that.” She adds that she’s learned that it pays to treat every client differently: those who love her tip more.

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