Always got a smile on my face when I know Im gonna get some dick from you submitted by /u/7FEBYOU
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Aella was a cam girl who understood the power of her body and used it to her advantage. She was smart, wickedly funny and determined to find herself while working as a sex worker on camera.

Having a fanbase she was truly proud of was one of the best things about being a cam girl. It made her feel good and important to please her fans by dressing them up, reading requests and having fun together online. It was a close bond that made her feel like a family and when it came to a certain Wanko-kun she really wanted to give him some extra attention.

She realised that it was time to take the show to the next level. She stripped down to a thong and got out her JOI sex toy. She jackes hard with the toy and moans in return while really getting into the scene. She was putting her all into the scene and it definitely paid off, she got some really hard sex with him that was very satisfying to both her and the viewer.

Mazzei was always pushing her boundaries in her shows, she had masturbated, drawn pictures and fucked girls before but this was the most intimate she had ever been with a man. It was a powerful moment for her that she would remember for a long time to come. As a cam girl you learn very quickly that the men who tip you are not just viewers but addicts who want to keep on coming back for more and more of your sexy antics. It is very similar to gaming companies who make most of their profit by exploiting addictive behaviour.

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