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For Eevie, the adage that “You can never be too careful” is more than just a cliché – it’s a life philosophy. She, like many other cam girls I spoke to for this article, broadcasts herself through the site MyFreeCams (MFC) and gets tipped in tokens that translate into real cash for masturbation. But camming is more than just masturbation; models can also create topics that aren’t sexual, and in fact make up the majority of Eevie’s income.

MFC models use their chat rooms to interact with men who come in to talk and play games. These conversations can be raunchy, funny, or anything in between, but the goal is always the same: to get tips. These are the kind of conversations that make MFC a popular platform for sextortion.

Like the backcountry hunter or mountain athlete who carries an emergency kit on hand, those in the ‘Always Ready’ community accept that chaos will happen at any moment and are always prepared for it. But it is far from helpless, and much more than obedience – it’s a ‘way of life’ and an ethos borne from a need to survive.

Spend any afternoon in the Estadio Villa Ingenio, the fortress of El Alto’s always-ready fans – the father-and-son drumming duo, the 16-year-old best friends draped head to toe in red and white – and you’ll start to believe that Always Ready will be a club that rivals Bolvar down the road, or even has the potential to challenge for a spot in the Copa Libertadores.

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