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If you think you are ugly in a photo or on camera don’t worry it can just be the camera or the lighting affecting how you look. Photos are very different to real life and the lens is so limited and creates a lot of distortion of your true form.

Sage, a cam girl who does nude modeling for money says some of her clients are married men in committed relationships. She says they often hide her from their partners, which can be difficult for her and her fans. She believes this is because they feel that watching her on webcam is akin to infidelity – even though the women are completely naked.

She says that despite the intimate nature of her relationship with her followers, they are not sex partners and she does not engage in sex on camera. She believes that many of her clients are simply looking for a masturbation partner, similar to those who search pornography on the internet.

She says that in our capitalist world where female beauty has been monetised, it makes sense that men would replace their desire for a real woman with paying a virtual one for attention. However, she also stresses that camming is not for everybody. “Some girls get into it because they want to have fun and enjoy the kinky lifestyle but others do it for the money,” she says. She advises those who decide to go into the industry to do their research and make sure that it is the right path for them.

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