Let me ask you a serious question, what kind of a guy are you? I mean do you like big tittys or are you a leg man? Or are are you an ass man? If you are on ass man I got the perfect girl for you butt (yes that pun was intended) I am going to make you see what I am talking about. Check out the porn video of Andrea Abellia below. It shows what a nice round onion ass looks like when its getting pounded by a bbc. If you like asses like that then you will love Andrea’s Premium Snapchat room misskirroyal. When join her room you get big booty action like you see below but on more of personal touch. If you think her insta is hot wait till you get a load (another pun sorry) of her Snapchat.


So in case you are living under a rock you probably know who this young lady is. As you know her real name is Andrea Abeli. The reason most people know her is because she is a major influencer on Instagram. She was born January 19th, 1984 so she is a Capricorn. She is from Bucharest, Romania but now she lives in Los Angles, California. Andrea gained fame in the movie “Two Lottery Tickets” 2016 (I never watched it looks funny though). It helped her to gain a huge following on Instagram. Not only is she a beautiful woman and talented at acting she is also very smart she has a degree from Bucharest Faculty of Law. I don’t know her measurements or anything but just by looks you can tell she has really nice “assets”.

Andrea Abeli's nice ass

Now if you want to check out her insta you can click here. But if you want to get watch this nice ass girl  give you some good nude pics and get personal with you, you should really check out her premium snapchat. You won’t catch her getting naked on Instagram because it’s not aloud and you want see it on her regular Snapchat because she know she has something men want and she just ain’t going to give it away. At least check out her profile below, from there you can go to all of her social accounts and get updates from her almost daily. So what ya waiting for get on it now!

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