Be completely honest with me.. are little girls like me ''hot stuff'' or just a bit cutish?! [F18] submitted by /u/PangolinIcy5381
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‘A hilarious memoir of sex work, shame, and self-discovery set in the world of live-streaming cam girls’

From the former sex worker taking Hollywood by storm comes this candid and funny book about honesty, manipulation, and self-deception in the world of camgirls.

At twenty-three, Isa Mazzei was like any other college graduate – broke, lacking purpose, and desperately searching for identity. Then she had a revelation: why not embrace her salacious image and broadcast it online for money? She began stripping, masturbating, playing games, and talking to men for cash on a popular porn site. She became a cam girl, and soon found herself making hundreds of dollars nightly. She explored BDSM, attended a porn convention, and slept with a fan. But she still struggled to fit in with the community of cam girls.

A lot of guys are addicted to the attention from the cam girl – they are paying her for dopamine hits, just as they do with their Tinder swipes and Instagram followings. It is just a natural progression from there.

She preys on this, telling them emotional things they don’t mean, and milking them for as long as she can. If a cam girl tells you she loves you or cares about you or anything like that, red flag boys. That bitch is a heavy duty manipulator who will talk you into sharing your credit card details or sending her cash and then sext you until shes finished with you.

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