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Cam girls don’t just act, they decorate their sets, take care of their hair and make sure the lighting is perfect. They also write their own scripts for the shows they do. They are also tasked with engaging clients, keeping them happy and gaining more tips. This can be a challenge as many men are not used to talking intimately with camgirls or don’t feel comfortable with sexual questions.

Isa Mazzei knows this all too well. In her memoir, Camgirl, she talks about how she masturbates, fucks and plays games on camera for money as she hops from job to job hoping that one will present itself as “her thing.” In her new psychological thriller film CAM, Mazzei tells the story of a cam girl who loses her identity in a world of digital addictions.

When she started her camming career, Mazzei figured out that talking about sex was an effective way to gain attention and earn more tips. She was not wrong but she has since realized that her sex work isn’t a “clean” profession. She wants to create art that will help consumers empathize with sex workers. The first step to this is sharing her experiences, which she has already begun to do. Her memoir and film are just the beginning. Her goal is to create a space where cam models can be open and honest without fear of rejection or being shamed. Then the real magic can begin.

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