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When a camgirl talks about bet you’ll cum on my thighs alone she is trying to sway her client into a more intimate show. Sexual questions or topics are an effective way to get a man’s attention and make them eager for her company. The more they talk the more tips she will receive. Moreover, they will also be more inclined to purchase extras.

In a capitalistic society, female beauty has a monetary value. This is why camgirls impose a high price on their services in order to get their needs met. Ideally, the camgirl is attractive, docile, intellectual, attentive, sexually available to her customers, never asks them to go private and is always selfless.

Isa Mazzei writes about her experiences as a camgirl in her memoir Camgirl. Her book details the numerous jobs she tried in her post-college search for a career before finding herself stripping, masturbating and playing games on camera for money. The job seems banal to her now, but it was a struggle for her at the time.

A man will feel a dopamine hit when they see the girl naked and they can increase it even more when they talk to her personally. However, he will lose interest if the camgirl isn’t interested in talking to him. Therefore, it is crucial for a camgirl to interact with her clients as much as possible. This can be achieved by asking them a wide variety of questions and letting them lead the conversation.

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