Between my legs is the best place to be submitted by /u/imjenrose
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Between my legs is the best place to be

It’s hard not to get turned on by this video from a cam girl. Sage is a college student who makes some extra cash by masturbating men online. She says camming is “a service industry, just like the waitressing job I used to do at the bar”. She’s not wrong. It’s no different serving microwaved beef burgers to idiot customers who never say thank you than polishing glasses of Rioja for rich guys in Brora turtlenecks.

But this is a video that talks about something more personal than your average server’s daily struggles. It’s about the third leg. That thing that walks inside you, between your first and second legs, as erotic as Bisola’s thigh gap.

Some people sweat this area more than others, but if it becomes a major problem for you, you should seek medical attention. It’s not normal for the groin to become so moist all the time. Extra showers and careful drying can help, but you should also consider seeing a healthcare provider.

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