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The sex industry can be a strange place, but it can also be an empowering one. For many cam girls, being a sex worker is a way to make money, while remaining in control of their image and maintaining some privacy. However, like any client-facing job, camming isn’t without its own problems – unsociable hours, financial instability and even personal niggles about self-image.

In a world where female beauty has become monetised, it seems only natural that sex workers would experience some abuse. However, the problem is that this aggression is often directed at cam models – who exist in a delimited, and heavily policed, commercial space – rather than other women who don’t have the same career.

Aella, a model who goes by the name CAM GIRL, talks to Dazed about her own experiences in the industry. Having grown up in South Korea, the California-based model now travels around the world, entertaining her loyal audience with her HAM on Everything shows. In the interview, she discusses her desire to see gender equality in the workplace and how she became a role model for her young fans. As well as discussing the joys and challenges of her work, she also discusses the sexual harassment and abuse she has experienced in the past.

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