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For young men who have spent their entire lives inside a digitised world of porn, Tinder, girls on Instagram and, continuing the natural progression, cam sites, it’s easy to understand why they would replace their desire for a real woman with the artificial gratification that comes from paying a female model. But camming isn’t a career without its problems. Working unsociable hours and struggling to find a balance between earnings and personal niggles are just some of the issues that many cam girls struggle with.

For some, camming is the first time they’ve ever had a job that’s paid them directly for their body. And while it’s not for everyone, for the ones who have found their niche and a loyal client base, it can be lucrative. But for some, the pressure to maintain an attractive figure and a strong social media presence can lead to mental health struggles.

A cam girl who has a regular stream of paying clients will often become a virtual friend and a source of self-confidence. She will tell them they have a unique bond with her and that she can relate to their niggles. She will encourage them to tip and show off their wealth, convincing them that the more they spend on her, the closer they get to her.

Former cam girl and author of new memoir Camgirl, Isa Mazzei is keen to create art that makes people empathise with sex workers. She has already written a psychological thriller called CAM, in which a camgirl obsessed with ranking is targeted by identity thieves.

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