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After a stressful breakdown and being unable to pay her rent, 27-year old Lola-Rose Curtis took up camming as a way to make some extra money. She now makes hundreds of pounds a day by talking to men online about their sexual fantasies and occasionally letting them take her clothes off or use sex toys. But like any client-facing job it comes with its own stresses – unsociable hours, unstable earnings, and personal niggles about body image.

Despite the fact that she is paid to do so, men who chat with cam girls often feel a real connection with them. They feel that they know them on a more personal level and many report falling in love with their favourites.

It is important for camgirls to show that they care about their clients. They want them to know that they are interested in them and will go out of their way to keep the conversation flowing. However, it is also important to remember that this is a business and conversations can be used as an effective tool for getting tips.

A good tip is to add new items to the room for clients to interact with. Adding new objects to the room makes the experience more exciting and can lead to interesting conversations. It is also recommended to ask the clients about their favourite hobbies, places and food. This will give the cam girl an opportunity to talk about herself and her interests and may even lead to a sexy fetish.

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