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Unless a girl’s bending over for you in a very specific way with the very clear intention of flirting, it’s safest not to assume that she’s trying to show you her booty. A lot of times, it’s just an innocuous bend to grab something or a crouch down for comfort, and it could be made really awkward by a clueless dude leering at her or making presumptuous flirty assumptions. If you’re genuinely unsure, offer to help her if it seems like she dropped her purse or spilled something — that way you can make her feel less objectified without being a skeezy creep!

Camgirl, Isa Mazzei’s frank memoir out today (which inspired the Netflix thriller Cam), is a must-read for anyone who’s ever been curious about online pornography. The book lays out the amount of work that goes into being a camgirl, from preparing fresh content for new viewers to remembering each viewer’s birthday, checking in with her fans through emails and private messages, and addressing sexually explicit questions from her audience. It’s a wildly honest portrait of one person’s experiences with a notoriously taboo industry, told with breezy honesty and a healthy dose of self-awareness. Listen to her full interview on this week’s episode of LGBTQ&A.

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