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In our digitised world where female beauty has been monetised, it makes sense that men want to spend money in order to feel attention from attractive women. This is particularly true for camgirls who often perform in private rooms where a few big spenders (the “whales”) fund the rest of the audience.

When a cam girl finds that her style appeals to guys, she can make an easy profit by continuing to dress in that way. For example, dark wash skinny jeans paired with a stylish blouse or t-shirt is a go-to outfit that most guys find appealing. This will accentuate a woman’s curves and look more flattering in soft diffused lighting.

This type of outfit can also help a camgirl establish a particular vibe for her show – whether it’s an innocent schoolgirl or sexy dominatrix. Creating a distinct brand for yourself can be a great way to attract more loyal customers. Ultimately, the most important thing for camgirls to remember is that they are selling a highly addictive product. In order to make a good living, camgirls need to find a small percentage of addicts to exploit – the same way casinos do with microtransactions in video games.

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