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If you want to look good on camera it’s all about feeling comfortable & like anything else practice makes perfect. Try standing in front of a mirror experimenting with poses & different outfits until you find a style that works for you. Wear clothes that flatter your body & use colours that work for your complexion. Also try putting the tip of your tongue on the back of your upper teeth when you smile, this will help you avoid that wide goofy grin & give you a more natural looking smile.

As a camgirl, it’s important to remember that a happy client means more tips so you need to keep them engaged throughout the entire session. This may mean talking about a specific subject they’re interested in like masturbation, beautiful agony or jerking off instructions but it doesn’t have to be limited to that. Some models have topic memos they use but others are well versed at reviving conversations without needing to refer back to a list of topics.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re being shot from below it’s never a flattering angle, it adds pounds & gives you double chins where there aren’t any! It’s best to be shot from the side or above, this will accentuate your curves & create an hourglass figure. Lastly, when sitting down make sure to be positioned in such a way that your weight is evenly distributed.

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