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Despite being in a delimited (and heavily policed) commercial space, camming is still a dangerous job. And the abrasive language that cam-models have to tolerate goes way beyond what they might encounter in a normal work environment.

When Mazzei started camming, it was as a way to earn some cash and try and find herself. She hopped from job to job, wondering why she couldn’t use her seductive nature to find a career that defined who she was.

But the more she worked, the clearer it became that her biggest client base was a bunch of men who used her as a form of therapy. These men had grown up inside the digitised world of porn, Tinder and Instagram, now replacing their desire for real-life women with paying to see attractive girls on cam sites. The girls then become a source of dopamine hits for the men, as they reveal more flesh and convince themselves that the more tokens they spend, the closer they might get to her. Cam sites are like casinos, relying on a small minority of addicted users to make their money.

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