do u introduce me as a girlfriend or just a girl u know from school? submitted by /u/flag64
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A camgirl, or webcam performer, is a person who streams on the Internet from her home and does erotic acts in exchange for money. While many people may be uncomfortable with the concept of cam girls, it is actually very common.

Men can pay tokens and watch girls from all over the world, and a small number of them become regulars. They can chat with them and ask her questions. They feel like they know her on a personal level and they often start to fall in love with their favourite girls.

It is completely normal for men to fall in love with their cam girls, especially young people who have grown up inside a digitised world, flicking through porn on Tinder and following attractive girls on Instagram. They have spent their whole lives paying for female attention, so it is only natural that they would start doing the same on a chat website.

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