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A Camgirl Talks About Do You Like My Body Type

As the camming industry continues to thrive, many women find themselves in it for the money and some of them are also having personal niggles. As part of Dazed’s Women’s Month, we spoke to one cam model about her career and the role that the erotic industry plays in men’s sexual fantasies.

Whether you are looking for a sexy school girl vibe or a sultry dominatrix, there is a lot to think about when deciding what outfit to wear on the webcam. A good starting point is to take your measurements. Then you can choose a wardrobe that compliments your shape.

If you are a beginner, it is always a good idea to make sure that your room has a soft diffused lighting set up to make the most of your natural beauty. A cam girl can look sexy even in the most simple and basic of looks if the lighting is just right.

In a perfect world, all cam models would be paid equally but the truth is that sex and nudity is the most profitable part of any chat. Men are willing to pay for the pleasure of seeing a woman naked and they get dopamine hits from the attention they receive. Cam sites are like casinos in that the majority of their profits come from exploiting addictive behaviour.

That is why cam girls often talk about “finding a whale” to make more money. It is a bit of code meaning that they are looking for the biggest spenders to maximise their earnings.

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