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For a lot of people, the idea of women stripping and masturbating for money is unthinkable. But for many camgirls, it’s just another day at work.

A camgirl is a woman who broadcasts herself online for tips. Her job is to please her clients by putting their needs before her own. It’s a strangely mundane occupation, like waiting tables or polishing glasses at the bar—except that your customers are paying you for a fuck and you don’t have to say sorry.

As the first wave of digital natives enter their thirties, many have spent their entire lives living inside a digitised world: watching porn, scanning Tinder profiles, scrolling Instagram feeds full of girls in dresses and cleavage. It makes perfect sense that they would replace their desire for a real girlfriend with a virtual one they can pay for at the click of a mouse.

Camgirl Eevie* is one of the many women who make a living by chatting to men on websites such as MFC and CAMslut. She earns money from tokens that are tipped to her whenever she’s doing anything other than masturbating or sexy talk. While she enjoys the independence and flexibility of her job, it’s not without its problems – especially with unsociable hours when most clients log on and the ever-present possibility of mental health niggles.

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