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The word effortless means not requiring or involving much effort or difficulty. But when we use the word in connection with people, it carries the connotation of undue hastiness or shallowness. In this month’s edition of our feature on camming, writer and screenwriter Isa Mazzei discusses the difficulties involved in working as a camgirl. She calls the job the hardest she’s ever had – from trying to come up with fresh show ideas to ensure that regular viewers are never bored, to remembering her regular’s birthdays or checking in after their interviewing for tips, it can take up most of her time, leaving little room for self care or personal relationships.

For many young men, it’s a natural step after growing up inside the digitised world of Tinder and Instagram to replace their desire for real-world female attention with paying a cam girl for the privilege of being watched while they jiggle their ass in their Primark thongs. But for some of them, it’s a dangerous trap.

The film Camgirl, in which Madeline Brewer plays Alice, explores the struggle for identity that many cam girls go through as they build a character online that begins to feel like a separate person. It’s a challenge that anyone with an online presence can relate to, from those who broadcast on social media to gamers who play their characters for a living. As our film demonstrates, these digital alter egos can become addictive.

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