How many times you been on Xvideos or Pornhub and saw cock tribute videos to girls? Wouldn’t it be cool if one of them actually got into them and actually ranked them and stuff? Well we got one girl on our SCS that gets into watching guys jerk off on her and she is actually working on letting one of these guys get in an amateur porn video with her. Her name is Larkin Love and she is one of the hottest girls right now and you can get private access to her and her Snap below.

Larkin Love on Stripcamsnaps

As you can tell Larkin is a very beautiful brunette girl. She is very curvy too. I wouldn’t call her thick but she has curves in all the right places. She is considered a milf although she still looks very young. She has a very long tongue and she loves to give blowjobs. She is also a fetishist and Mistress. She calls herself the “Cosplay Queen of Kinky Sex”.

She was born October 31, 1992. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and her hair and eyes are both brown. Her tits are a massive F size but she will tell you herself. Her tits are big but her tongue is even bigger.  She is from Boston,  Massachusetts originally but she now lives in L.A. so she is a U.S. citizen and she speaks English.

Many people want to know how Larkin got her name. All I can tell you who gives a fuck? If I was in the same room with this woman the last thing I would be worried about. What I can tell you is she started her career in hardcore porn in 2011 and things have only got better for us and her since.

Most who come here will want to see a little tease of what she does so I got on her Pornhub account so you could check out some Larkin Love Porn. This is from her Pornhub account which she has a link to on her profile link below. In this video, she gives a fan a blowjob that he will not forget.


Now only do you get access to her feed 24/7 and 365 days a year but you also get access to her daily vlogs. You get a history of her most intimate shows too. If you are into amateur porn you will enjoy this because the stuff she does on Snapchat is less polished and rehearsed then it is in porn videos that you will find elsewhere.  You can also chat with Larkin live every day!  She also loves to see dick pics so you can send as many as you want daily :).

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