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Unless you have worked as a camgirl yourself, it might be hard to understand why some men fall so deep in love with the woman on their screen. The answer lies in the fact that camgirls are selling a highly addictive product. Similar to video games where the majority of profits are made through microtransations, cam sites make the bulk of their money from exploiting the addiction of their clientele.

Cam girls are trained to create a conversation with each client that is both exciting and sexy. While the cam girl might not care for the client personally, she does know that a happy and satisfied customer means more tips. For this reason, a camgirl will often ask a client about their personal life and interests to build up sexiness and excitement.

In some cases, men will get so into a camgirl that they will ask her to perform sexy acts and extreme requests. This is what led to the death of Hope Barden, a 21-year-old cam girl who died after performing asphyxiation sex on herself for a 45-year-old man. Sadly, the man did not call for help and remained glued to his computer as he watched Hope choke herself to death.

This is why it is important for cam girls to always keep in mind that their customers are not friends or family. While some might argue that this is a form of misogyny, it is important to remember that camgirls are not there to pity or befriend their clients. The only reason they are there is to titillate their audience and bring in more cash.

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