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Whether you talk to your friends on the subway or chat with a co-worker over lunch, conversations usually flow naturally without having a set conversion goal. Camgirls, however, must be more creative when it comes to conversation starters because their clients are paying for the experience. If they don’t feel like their needs are being met, they will likely not tip you and that can ruin your day.

In her new memoir, Camgirl, Isa Mazzei details her post-college search for identity that led her to abandon a shitty retail job and embrace her sexuality on camera. But this is more than a yaas queen tale of female empowerment; it’s also a nuanced look at the unshakeable grip of past trauma.

Most cam models have a topic memo that they use during shows to help them keep their conversations flowing. The memo includes questions and prompts that encourage the client to speak more about themselves. This is important because most clients will want to get to know the cam girl they’re talking with and they’ll be more likely to tip if they feel like she cares about them.

Some of the most effective conversation starters for a camgirl include asking about the client’s weekend, their favorite music, or their hobbies. This will help them feel more connected to the cam girl and will spark a natural conversation. Conversations that are personal and involving will help the client to get more involved in the performance and will make them want to come back again.

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