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Isa Mazzei’s debut novel Camgirl is a surprisingly nuanced look at female empowerment, a story of a woman finding her power and worth in an industry that monetizes her body. She lays out how she worked every shitty job under the sun (she describes her stints as a “retail clerk, bartender, ice cream scooper and a busboy”) and finally found her calling in camming (although I’m not sure if it was really a career).

Mia is a good character- she is smart, crafty and college-educated. She’s also a very successful model on a sex cam site where she struts her curves while men talk to her through a private chat. She is the perfect wet dream and gives men whatever fetish they want without judgment. Mia is very shrewd and efficient at her work and she has a good relationship with her stepbrother, Garrett.

I’m glad that she is confident in her work and not ashamed of her body, but at the same time some of her comments were just gross to me- when talking about a fellow model she mentions that she feels like a fake and a plastic person and it sounds to me like she is talking down about other women. I don’t think it was intentional but it just made me really uncomfortable.

I also didn’t think it was very believable that she would keep chatting with Garrett even after her ‘abusive’ boyfriend came back into her life. It didn’t seem to make much sense with her character and the way she was written. I guess it was supposed to show her possessiveness but to me it just didn’t make any sense.

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