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In the virtual world of camming, conversation is 75% of the job. It’s the most important tool for attracting and keeping clients. But when you’re talking to someone who is paying you for a service like masturbation, erection instruction, or just beautiful agony, it needs to be more than just chit chat about the weather or what’s up with their day.

Camgirls are also expected to keep conversations sexual and daring, which can be difficult to do while maintaining a high level of professionalism. As a result, many cam girls are advised to create a topic memo before they go live to ensure they don’t run out of things to talk about or get distracted.

Some camgirls are very good at this. Others are not. On one platform, a girl called Ona Artist used to serve microwaved burgers at a fast food chain but now earns thousands of pounds every month by jiggling her ass in a Primark thong for men who pay her PS10 per minute.

But even the best camgirls have problems. They have to deal with trolls, people who join their rooms just to say offensive or inappropriate things and make the girls feel uncomfortable. And they have to cope with the fact that some of the guys on the other side of the screen aren’t really interested in what’s going on inside the room. They want to look at girls fucking their dicks, not hear them whining about how much they need money for laundry or the fact that they can’t afford to have their hair done.

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