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The pleasure of touch can be hard to come by. It requires trust and vulnerability – both of which are often absent from the world of online cam. It’s not always easy to know if a girl you’re talking to on the internet is really into you. Is she just fucking you for money, or is she actually into your body and willing to engage in a mutually satisfying sexual experience with you?

When you’re on a cam site, it’s important to remember that you are the product. You are being sold to a large group of people at once and the majority of cam site profit comes from exploiting addictive behaviours like purchasing tokens. Cam girls know that if they can get you addicted to their room and you keep coming back for more, you will end up sending her more money. It’s a bit like a casino where the majority of their profits come from a small minority of addicts.

Camgirls will usually state if they are single and open to private sessions in the description of their video box, on their profile or both. If they do take privates, it’s a good idea to let her know what you’re looking for and don’t annoy her with comments about her looks or body (unless she’s your kink as that’s her job). You’ll likely find out quickly if she’s into you or not.

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