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Whether it’s for the first time or just because, a lot of enjoying anal can come down to communication. It’s important to talk about expectations, desires, and concerns before trying anal and to keep checking in during the experience to see what feels good and what doesn’t.

Be sure to use lube, wear condoms, and wash any items that touch your anus (including hands, genitals, or sex toys) when practicing anal. Always remember to practice good oral hygiene to help prevent bacterial overgrowth that can lead to UTIs. And be aware that anal play can still result in pregnancy if sperm makes it to a ready-to-conceive egg, so never force anyone to do it unless they actively consent. For more information on safe anal play, check out Ask Nurse Nettie or call 1800 451 624 Monday through Friday to speak with a sexual health nurse. It’s free and confidential!

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