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When a guy enters the room, girls are often too busy to say anything. They might be in the middle of a session with another guy, they might just need some time for themselves or they might even just need to check their bank account.

In this capitalistic society, beauty carries monetary value. Camgirls know this better than anyone – they earn the majority of their tokens from a minority of men that are addicts to their attention. The more they spend, the more dopamine hits they get from seeing the girl naked and being able to personally interact with her.

Mazzei is a smart, wickedly funny woman who possesses a tighter grasp on her identity than most camgirls can afford to have. She’s been around long enough to be able to “get a read” on her clients very quickly – an instinct that can act as a gut-check heuristic for whether it’s safe to meet IRL.

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