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A cam girl is a person who makes money by performing on live chat platforms that allow users to interact with her remotely. Her performance can include sex, masturbation and anal penetration. She may also perform double penetration with another girl during a show called a double performance or DP. A cam girl’s conversation with a client is usually based on the type of show they are paying for.

Having an intelligent conversation is a big part of the camgirl’s job. She needs to be able to talk about various topics that are interesting to her clients. This will help her to earn more tips.

The conversation that a camgirl has with her client is different from a regular conversation because she talks about things that are not necessarily safe or appropriate to discuss. She might talk about her body, sexual experiences and other inappropriate things. There are some camgirls that use their conversations as a way of sextortion. They try to persuade the client to send them money or give their credit card number. These camgirls are referred to as trolls and should be ignored or silenced immediately. This will prevent them from being victimized by these sextortion attempts.

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