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Isa Mazzei worked every job she could think of, aiming to find the one that felt like her thing: stripping, dancing, masturbating, playing games and broadcasting it all online for money. She became a camgirl, earning hundreds of dollars a night while she worked on her self-esteem, explored BDSM and pushed herself further than she thought possible.

She describes the process of becoming a camgirl, as well as the ups and downs of her career. She talks about the fetish she explores on her shows, explains the differences between a cam girl and a porn star and shares the tips that she has learned. She also discusses her annoyance with the mainstream media’s depiction of sex workers as dumb, disposable and harbouring long-standing daddy issues – two-dimensional props that serve only to provoke a laugh or an easy punchline.

For me the most interesting part of the discussion was when she talked about trolls. She describes how trolls are members of the community who want to get rid of you by sending abusive messages, silencing your channel or even banning you from the site. She teaches us how to deal with them in an effective way, and she also gives some advice about avoiding trolls.

Another point that she mentions is how hard it is to get a conversation started with a man. She says that it’s important to have a topic memo prepared beforehand, because then the conversation is less likely to get stuck or run out of ideas.

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