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When a camgirl says “I’d peg you and make you regret it,” what she is really saying is she wants to fuck you. It would be one thing if she were talking about a regular client who she knew on a personal level, but this is a random guy from the internet who she has never met in person. This is a major boundary violation.

Camgirls talk about their clients often, and many say they get emotionally attached to a few of them. This is why most cams have a block feature to prevent people from being able to chat with them outside of their sessions. They can’t control who gets pegged, but they can use their censor to stop people from asking them inappropriately or even sexting them after the session is over.

Mazzei has been working as a camgirl since graduating college. Before that she had tried everything under the sun—a librarian, a web designer, an English teacher, a vintage clothing buyer, a bartender, a busboy, a nanny and an art studio assistant, among other jobs. All the while she was searching for something that felt like it fit. Now she’s writing and producing a series of psychological thriller films that she hopes will help consumers empathize with sex workers.

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