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“It’s like the fucking show!” Y/N leaned back on her bed, looking at her friend sleeping next to her. She had just finished her fourth glass of wine and was feeling the effects. “I swear Josh can fuck so much better than anyone else!”

As she continued to watch the fucking show, Y/N’s mind kept going back and forth, wondering why her best friend would take such a job to make money for herself. But she knew her friend was smart and had ambition, even if it wasn’t the most appropriate career choice.

Cam girls have to be a lot more than just models on a set. They decorate their sets, light and shoot themselves, create costumes and perfect their makeup. They also chat with men online who tip them as they watch the girl undress, paint her nails or play a game of sex with a virtual toy. They can feel a connection to the woman on camera and often become regulars who develop an intimate relationship with her, including having sex with her in private.

Isa Mazzei’s frank memoir Camgirl dives headfirst into taboo subjects with a mixture of breezy honesty, self-awareness and whip-smart humor. Camgirl gives readers a peek into the world of online camming and how it’s used to exploit men’s addictive behaviour. Just like gambling and microtransactions in video games, men are rewarded with dopamine hits every time they spend tokens on a camgirl.

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