Is this how I get an older BF? submitted by /u/supgel
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If he’s an older guy, chances are good that he has an impressive career or some other prestigious accomplishments. He may work late nights, so dinners out with you aren’t always in the cards. He’s also likely to be a creature of habit, and quality time isn’t at the top of his priority list.

Depending on how long he’s been in his position, it may be difficult for him to make new friends. Having a close group of coworkers and a network of friends outside of the office may be important for him. If he has an impressive career, it’s probable that he travels frequently for business purposes and needs to maintain a certain level of professionalism when he’s on the road.

Can a cam girl really love someone?

A cam girl doesn’t love her customers on a personal level – they’re just dollar bills in her wallet. However, she may become a regular with a client and feel as if they know each other on a personal level. This is especially true for men who are regulars with a particular camgirl and often report falling in love with them.

Whether you’re a cam girl or not, Camgirl is an eye-opening read about taboo subjects like sexual harassment and identity theft. Mazzei is frank and unapologetic, with a wicked sense of humor and an ability to deconstruct her experiences without shame. It’s a rare thing to read a memoir that treats its subject with such a level of sensitivity.

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