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When camgirls talk about having boobs that are big, small, symmetrical, tear drop or bell shaped, they’re not just talking about their physical appearance. They’re also describing their nipple positioning, which enchants men and encourages them to spend more tokens on the site. Cam sites are a bit like casinos, in that most of their profit is made from exploiting addictive behaviour.

Breasts are a pretty rad human organ. They’re made of fat, glands and fibrous tissue, which provide shape and support. Genetics play a noticeably large role in boob size and shape but other factors that can influence their development include exercise, weight loss or gain, pregnancy and changes in hormone levels such as those experienced during puberty and menstruation. This article explores the mesmerising physiology of these structures, to see what makes a boob so special. Isa Mazzei is a writer, actress and former camgirl. She has worked as a library clerk, an editor-in-chief of an undergraduate journal in Eastern European, Eurasian and Slavic studies, an art studio assistant, a vintage clothing buyer, a nanny and a bartender, among other jobs.

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