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We’re used to seeing photos and videos of nude bodies online, but not everyone feels comfortable sharing them. That’s why it’s important to ask for them, and to understand that a rejection is not about you.

Camgirl Talking About Just Say Yes If You Want Nudes

Some people don’t think it’s appropriate to send nude images or videos. Others don’t know how to approach the subject, or they just don’t want to.

Those reasons are completely valid. Sharing nudes is an intimate thing, and it’s not something that should be forced. If you’re not a creep or a jerk, and you respect that other people have different sexual boundaries, then asking for nudes in the right way can be an amazing experience.

Isa Mazzei, a cam girl who wrote a book about her experiences, recently gave an interview to Glamour where she discussed some of the challenges and joys of her work. She said that some men feel like they get to know a camgirl on a personal level. They might become regulars, and they may start to have more than just voyeuristic relationships with her.

However, she said that other men might feel more like they’re buying a product from a website. They’re buying an addictive, oftentimes pornographic product, and they’re getting dopamine hits every time they send the girls tokens for a picture or video. Those are all fine things to be aware of, but the reality is that most cam sites make their money by exploiting addictive behaviour.

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