Just turned 18 and starting to learn how to look sexy… how am i doing? submitted by /u/teeniestbean
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The best way to start learning how to look sexy is by starting on the inside. Sexiness comes from within, and it’s a mindset that you can develop through daily practices. You’ll begin to see a difference, one day at a time. You’ll find yourself attracting more flirty glances and people who want to know you better. The key is to be your own kind of sexy, and not try to be someone else. There’s only one person who can do that and it’s you.

In her new memoir Camgirl, former cam girl Isa Mazzei describes how she’s stripped, masturbated and played games on camera for men who tip to win prizes or to unveil more of her flesh, convinced that the more they pay, the closer they might get to her. Her experiences are both terrifying and empowering, and she writes that her work as a cam girl has given her the confidence to talk openly about her life, something that not all sex workers have the opportunity to do.

Mazzei is smart, wickedly funny and driven by a desire to find her identity, which is something most young women can relate to. She hops from job to job, trying to figure out how she can use her looks to make money until she realises that sex work is where she belongs. Embracing this truth is a big part of what makes her so compelling and relatable.

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