Just turned 19 and needing to see if I can handle a big dick submitted by /u/Juggati
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The term “big dick” is an inherently subjective one. It’s a synthesis of definitions emerging from porn, pop culture and personal experience, none of which are necessarily objectively true. But the word has pervaded our cultural conversations about sex without ever being properly quantified.

Camgirl Nova*, who appears in Channel 4’s new raunchy documentary Confessions of a Cam Girl, talks about the big misconceptions people have about her profession. “The biggest misconception is that camming is all about sex toys and masturbation,” she says. “But it’s actually more about relationships and building up a fan base.”

Men pay tokens to chat with camgirls, but they also pay for private chats. The more they spend on these, the more dopamine hits they get from seeing her in a state of nakedness and being addressed personally by her. It’s a highly addictive product that generates significant profits. Just like casinos make the majority of their profit from exploiting an addict’s behaviour.

While the rewards are many, camming is not without its challenges. Unsociable hours are often the norm, money can be unpredictable, and, as with any client-facing industry, there can be personal niggles about self-image. For example, “Some of you cam brats come on camera wearing sloppy looking sweats and no makeup with your hair all messy. Do you really think thats gonna turn guys on?”

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