Just turned 19 and the boys in school don't know what I'm hiding... should i let them find out submitted by /u/Character-Chemical87
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Turning 19 is a big deal. It’s not like your 18th birthday, when you officially became a legal adult or your 21st, which lets you order drinks at the bar. Nineteen is a milestone because it’s the last year of being a teenager. You’re basically being thrown into the shark pool that is adulthood, so you need to know how to swim if you want to survive. If you’re a bit nervous about what the future holds, ringing in your 19th with a post on Insta using one of these 19th birthday captions is a good way to ease yourself into it.

A cam girl talks about how she makes money online and how she reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cam Girl Nova has been doing camming for nearly a year and a half. She’s got her own agency and a huge following on social media, but the recent pandemic has made her reconsider her career choice. “It’s been hard because I’ve always been a cam girl and now I don’t have the audience that I used to have,” she says.

Nova has been answering questions from fans on her Instagram, and she recently shared the biggest misconception people have about her career. She thinks that people assume it’s all about sex, toys and masturbation, but she says it’s much more than that. She says she’s a hard worker who tries to be the best that she can be and wants to make her viewers happy.

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