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Whether we’re talking about the latest viral video of someone being swept away by a Bulls fan or the “Kiss Cam Gone Wrong” moment at a Celtics game, there is something about seeing yourself on the big screen that has become a part of our culture. Female beauty has always had inherent value, but the ability to capture that on film has added a new level of desire. Marcel Danesi, a professor of semiotics and linguistic anthropology at the University of Toronto, says that today it seems that if it isn’t on Snapchat or Instagram then it doesn’t exist.

Camgirl Talking About Kiss them for me is a fun quirky read about three friends Juniper, Jasper, and Lenny who run a vlog channel together where they record their day to day lives stupid stunts and dares. Over time they have built up quite the following and ship all sorts of different pairings. During one Q&A session a viewer suggested that they should do a Kiss Cam segment where they surprise each other with fan requested kisses. Juniper is reluctant but Jasper is all for it so they go ahead and do it.

This book is a great read for anyone who enjoys books about camming or just likes reading about relationships between friends and how they work out. It is a well written story that is very easy to get into and the characters are all very well developed.

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