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The Internet allows women to sell their female beauty to men around the world – and make big money doing it. They don’t have to worry about getting harmed – and they’re selling their product to the perfect customers – horny men who can’t control their urges. Men are rewarded with dopamine hits each time they spend tokens on their favourite camgirl, and they get even more dopamine when the girl responds to them personally during their chat. Camsites make the majority of their profits exploiting addictive behaviour – just like casinos and video games.

It might seem strange that so many young men would pay to meet a camgirl for a livestream or individual chat, especially when porn is freely available throughout the Internet. But it’s a natural progression of the digitised lives they’ve grown up inside.

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe has turned taking men’s money into art – she auctions off minutes of tech-mediated domination for $1,000 each. She tells me about the rules she’s learned, the sexual tactics she uses and why men buy her time.

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