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If you’ve ever talked to a friend on the subway or a colleague at work, the flow of conversation usually has no specific end in mind. However, camming is different; men pay for your time and sometimes expect the conversation to lead somewhere. Often, this means talking about sex. Some cam girls thrive on it and use it to build excitement, tension and sometimes even anger in their sessions. Others find it offensive, but tolerate it as part of the job description because they know that the raw aggressive language they are subjected to is only deployed within their delimited commercial space and not against women outside of it.

While many cam girls are happy to do their jobs for the tips they earn, some feel uncomfortable with it and want to leave the industry completely. The lifestyle can be stressful – unsociable hours and unstable income are common -, not to mention personal niggles about their body image.

It is also important to note that camming can be dangerous. Some cam girls have been targeted by sex extortionists who are after their money. The sextortionist preys on her victims’ sympathy and assures them of a special bond, then asks them to share their credit card details or send them money. The victim is not sure if the cam girl is who they say she is, or whether the video they are watching is a real one or not.

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