Love showing my boobs on reddit… please dont judge me submitted by /u/innocentliquidation
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Isa Mazzei is a camgirl. She has a job that some people may judge, but she’s proud of it. It’s a job that allows her to make money on the side and enjoy some of the perks, like getting toys sent to her by admirers. But she’s also a writer, and her debut novel “Camgirl” is about more than just masturbating in front of a webcam. It’s a story about body positivity, sex positivity, and self love.

One of the things she talks about in her book is double penetration. Sometimes called DP, it’s the act of inserting items like toys, dildos, vibrators etc into both the vagina and anus at once during a show. Sometimes this is done as a solo performance, and other times it’s done during a double show. This can be a really erotic experience and many women enjoy this.

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