My fine ass awaits you to stroke it submitted by /u/MaryanneTovar
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The cam is on and you see usernames filling the chat, more men wanting to watch your show. They’re paying a pretty penny just to gaze at your tits that are almost falling out of your lace bra and you greet them with a sultry smile. “Hey murderdaddy101.”

You lick your toy, the slick of lube on the tip of your dildo tickling your tongue and you take a deep breath as you slide half of it in your mouth and then lick the rest of it. You wink at the camera and bob your head on it.

You hear a ping and you shift, spreading your legs wide so that the camera can see the wet folds of your well fucked cunt. You tease him, making him want to reach in and stroke that cock of yours that’s leaking pre-cum. He types quickly, wanting to wrap his hands around your cock before you change the channel.

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