POV: I'm your daughters best friend and we just cum from the gym... would you risk taking my virginity if she is gone showering? submitted by /u/Green-Recognition-83
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One of the biggest misconceptions is that being a cam girl means you have to be risky and try a lot of things to keep people interested. That couldn’t be more incorrect. Most of the people who come into your room to tip are actually regulars that enjoy a good conversation. Some enjoy a little bit of kinky (dual penetration mostly called DP) but that’s the bare minimum needed to make money and get a good amount of tips.

On YouTube, ProjektMelody is an anime avatar who says she’s the world’s first hentai camgirl. She started streaming three days ago and has already amassed a huge following. She dances and fondles herself for tips, all in front of her virtual audience. And the people love it, she says.

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