Pull them to the side and pick a hole to eat submitted by /u/ardabiykc
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Pull them to the side and pick a hole to eat

I love foods with holes, but they aren’t usually healthy. Swiss cheese packs a lot of fat and Lifesavers have a ton of sugar. Fried food like onion rings and calamari aren’t good for you either, even though they have lots of holes. I follow a low-glycemic diet and a gluten-free lifestyle, so these foods are off limits for me.

What is camgirl talking about

A camming girl (also called a cam model or a webcam porn model) is a female who streams sexually explicit material live on the Internet for money. She does this in chat rooms or by appointment with private customers. Cam girls are generally ordinary girls who have other full time jobs and work as cam models on the side.

I talked to a cam girl named Ona Artist, who is essentially a cam-celebrity, about her life as a pro-domme and how she makes a living out of tech-mediated domination. She’s an entertaining talker and a smart businesswoman, so I was interested to learn more about her. But I also wanted to hear more about the reasons that she got into this kind of sex work in the first place, since many people seem to think that she entered it for financial gain alone.

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