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A girl chatting on a camsite does her best to convey happiness, genuine interest and sex appeal to the men who pay to see her. It’s a tall order. She can’t always be successful, but she has to try. Camgirls are selling a highly addictive product. The majority of their profit comes from a minority of addicts who repeatedly make microtransactions. These are the ‘whales’ who help sites like Camgirl and LiveJasmin make billions.

Mazzei’s memoir, Camgirl (out today), may be uncomfortable reading for many people, but it’s refreshing to see taboo topics like sex work discussed with breezy honesty, self-awareness and whip-smart humor. She hops from job to job – as a bartender, an EB Games employee, a nanny, an art studio assistant and more – until she discovers that she’s pretty good at getting naked in front of men on camera for money.

Men get dopamine hits when they see a cam girl, then further dopamine hits as they spend tokens to have her perform more intimate acts. The more they spend, the more they get to enjoy the pleasures of being seen and heard by a beautiful woman who seems to care about them personally. The relationship that develops between a cam girl and her customers can be as intimate as a romantic relationship, and some men even say they fall in love with their favourite girls. It’s the kind of relationship that could be dangerous, however, if it’s not done responsibly.

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